Success Story-Kris Tohtz

Kris Tohtz

Age: 42 years old

Occupation: Chiropractor

What is your athletic background? Danced from 6-19 yoa (loved it)  – even won a tap scholarship to study in California; yoga teacher for 16 years  am graceful but not coordinated enough to play sports L – I will however try my heart out!

What was your first experience with CrossFit? I had a few at some other gyms but none were like CrossFit Spero (I am picky)

When did you start CF? This summer – can’t remember my on ramp date

Why did you choose CF Spero? The intro class was well structured and the owner / instructor knew his biz!

What keeps you coming back? The coaches, the friends I have made and am making and the comradery – the workouts always change and I love variety!

Why do you live in Oak Park? I don’t – I love in Forest Park because it is cheaper and my neighbors are cool!

What do you do for a living? I am a chiropractor, acupuncturist, integrative medicine lover and teacher (I teach postgrad education on weekends)

How do you like to spend your free time? Reading, hang out with friends / husband, going to the arboretum and cooking

What do you like about Oak Park? I like the access of a big city feel (I grew up on the NW side of Chicago)

What are one or two improvements you have seen in your life since starting CF? I am stronger mentally and physically and feel better in my clothes; I also can help my patients with their lifting form/gym routines.

What are your goals for 2017? – I want to do strict pull ups at the gym – in general create more free time and peace in my life

What would you say to someone thinking about starting CF? DO IT!!!  But find a good gym and good coach (Like ours!)

What’s your favorite and least favorite CF movement? Least favorite – running; favorite -wall balls (we are making friends!) – really I love all the lifting

Whats your favorite meal? Favorite – breakfast is my favorite meal as long as there is eggs, veggies, and meat – with avocado

What was your workout routine prior to CF Spero? Prior to CF Spero – I have a TRX, did Yoga and the Daily Method (all of which I still do but less of it)

Anything else you would like to share with the Spero family?  I think of you like a big extended family and want to thank you for all the motivation and fist bumps!  Hope I am returning the favor!


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