Why we do what we do.

spero: (Latin) v. to hope, look for, trust, expect, promise oneself

I started right where most of you are.  My journey into fitness began when I was 35 years old.  I had a 9 to 5(which was really about 70 hours a week not including travel time), a gym membership I never used and every year I found myself falling more and more out of shape.  I was heir apparent to a multimillion dollar business, about to be married and wanting to be a father.  And I very much wanted to be a good father who could enjoy time with my kids.  I decided I had to get a habit going.  So I tried CrossFit….

Truth is, I was miserable.  I was consumed by work, stressed out and regularly found solace at the bottom of a bottle.  Never wanting to let my boss, coworkers or clients down; I put my own well being last.  And I was suffering for it; mentally, physically and spiritually.  I thought that being successful at work, that making a lot of money, would bring me happiness.  The truth however was that I was severely depressed and alcohol was my coping mechanism.   In many ways CrossFit saved my life.

I had heard about CrossFit several years earlier.  One of my coworkers did it on a regular basis and asked me to try a class with him on several occasions.  I finally enrolled in a free trial class at CF NYC(“the Black Box”) led by Ryan Woods.  My heart raced as I walked through the door.  I was filled with trepidation.  The class of about a dozen people, whose average age was about 10 years my junior, filled in as I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?  I hope I don’t make a fool of myself?”  Before I knew it we were on our way.  Honestly, I cannot recall the workout.  It was probably something I would consider a warm up these days.  But I will never forget the feeling I had after.  It was tough, I was smoked, I felt exhilarated.  The experience was amazing thanks to a great coach.  I signed up for their On-Ramp program on the way home.

As I gained more experience with CrossFit, an amazing thing started to happen.  I was being challenged on a regular basis to try new movements, move as fast as I could and lift weights. I was losing weight, getting stronger, loving the changes to my physique but the greatest part of it all was the effect on my mood.  I always left class feeling renewed, invigorated and confident with a sense of accomplishment.  I made it part of my morning routine.  Everyday before work(which meant 5AM), I would get my workout in and then be ready for whatever challenges came my way.  The more I accomplished working out, the better I felt.  I quickly found myself spending as much time in the gym as I could, trying to hone my skills, watching people move, wanting to be my best.  And then I saw it!   There was a transformation happening and it wasn’t just me.  Ladies, men, young, old(er); everyone who was putting in consistent work began to realize that limitation was an object of perception. As the people around me began to do things that they once thought they would never be able to, their mentality changed.   It is an amazing thing when you see it happen.  This light goes on inside them, you see it in their eyes, this sense of realization and elation when they hit that goal they’ve been working on for months.  And all the possibilities unfold.  Capability becomes unbound.  It all becomes a matter of consistency and practice moving towards the goal and then the next and then the next

This is why we do what we do at Spero.  It is our deepest wish that you unlock your true potential and do more than get by.  We want you to thrive in life.  We hold the belief that by improving our physical fitness we better ourselves mentally and spiritually.  We want you to be your best self.  We want possibility to be unbounded.

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