CrossFit Spero‚Äôs philosophy is that true fitness must be grounded in proper movement patterns. Spero’s methodology incorporates whole body exercises that help restore full range of motion and function to our joints and muscles. Often we do not realize how modern living has compromised our ability to move well or properly. This principle combined with high intensity workouts that are designed for calorie burn, lean muscle growth and incorporate the whole body are ideally suited for all individuals at any level of fitness.


We are all about family. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young, old, single, married, have kids or not, a drop in or have been here from the beginning, when you walk through our door you are part of CrossFit Spero. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. Our goal is to provide an environment of healthy living, to be an example for you and to help you be one yourself. We will challenge you, support you and encourage you to be your best self.

At CrossFit Spero we recognize that better health and true fitness is a lifestyle and doesn’t have to be difficult. Individuals must develop and incorporate healthy habits throughout their life. Our team is committed to working with you on your level, showing you how to exercise safely and efficiently and develop healthy habits that you will use forever. We do not teach fads or promise instant miracles. We will show you how to incorporate small but powerful changes to achieve a lifetime of health and fitness.

Workouts are deliberately crafted and are universally scalable so that everyone regardless of age, gender, fitness level or experience will achieve maximal results. All we ask is that you come ready to work and have some fun.

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